The basic idea . . .

On the network side:
Being a big fan of Ubiquity Unify products, and knowing there will be a 19 inch rack, I decided to replace my Unify Dream Router for the Unify Dream Machine Pro. This would boost the throughput and me not having to worry about having multiple networks.

On the server side:
Three brand new servers with decent capacity but also budget friendly. The main server to be rebuild to a NAS storage.

A test server, to be able to play around with new things

First steps . . .
I started out by playing with TrueNas for the NAS part, and Proxmox for the server part. TrueNas was fairly easy to install and work with. Only choice to make is the Core version or the Scale version. In the end I have chosen for the Core version, as this is the oldest of the two.

For Proxmox, I followed a course on “Learn Linux TV”, which was a very good introduction in all the basics (and more) I needed to succeed. (

And then of course a migration is needed of the most important services from the now main server and swarm nodes to the Proxmox nodes. A lot to think about . . .

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