Where to begin . . .

The followers of this site are probably disappointed by the lack of updates. There are several reasons (I will not bother you with that), but one of these reasons is the struggle with the chosen paths and a long time desire to have my own server rack.

So we started out with a single server with enough power to run several services and still have power to spare. At this time I was doing this together with my son, which resulted in this beast:

We had this running for a long time, and it was fulfilling our needs and that of the rest of the household. But whenever we were working on the server and things started to go wrong, we ended up with complaints because the services were down. Not a good spot to be in . . .

This is when we started our next endeavor, and decided to buy some second hand HP workstations to build us a fully redundant docker swarm.

This was working fine as well, and we had our redundancy in order, but it was not entirely the way I wanted it. In the mean time my son was getting more busy with his own projects and spend less time on the swarm. This made me decide to start my own project and at the same time fulfill a wish to have my own server rack.

Keep visiting this site, so you can follow along how this dying wish materializes . . .

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