The Cabinet

This turned out to be somewhat more difficult than anticipated. It is not as standard as you might think, and there is a lot to consider dimensioning wise. So it is good to know that you need to watch out for the depth of the server cases in relation to the depth of the cabinet. Also that there are cabinets that are not 19 inch wide, as I found out when it arrived and it turned out that I did not check this well enough at the site.

This is the cabinet I have ordered:

With a dimensioning of 60x60x100cm it is not too big and with 18U rack space it has more than enough room for the project:
– Unify Dream Machine Pro – 1U
– 3 times server case (2U) – 6U
– NAS case – 4U
– Test Server – 2U
– Possibly a Unify router – 1U

Which leaves 4U . . .

The cabinet is very nice. It has wheels, and stands. I use two stands in the front to prevent the cabinet from rolling. It has a glas door at the front and a metal door at the back, both lockable with a key. Both the side panels are also removable and can be locked with a key.

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