The Digital BeeHive

A father/son project taken to a whole new level...


We are big Apple fans, and do most of our stuf on devices of this great brand.


Everything runs on the Linux distribution called CentOS.


This server also provides in-house cloud services.

Why a home server?

It all started as a hobby project. We formerly used Synology, but we had more and more projects. This was simply more than the Synology could provide. Outside of that we also like to build computers/servers. So we decided to build a server.

We use the server for coding projects, websites, cloud storage and much more. You can read our blog to keep up with our experiences.

The BeeHive Team

Who are those Bees . . .

Started with a ZX81 and through 286’s, 386’s and a few Pentiums now happy with a MacBook M1.

After working a good twelve years in the Dutch military, I am now working quite a few years at VodafoneZiggo as a Technical Architect.

And of course now happily working on the server for a few years.  

Jaap Bij


From a young age I had a big interest in gaming (and I still have), but now I want to learn more and more about programming and everything that comes with the territory.

I am now following an ICT study at the Dutch college Hogeschool Zuyd. I want to become a software architect.

I love tinkering with the server and running my developed software on it. And I am a big Apple and Linux fan.

Sebastiaan Bij

Hogeschool Zuyd

Asus P10S-M WS  

Intel i5-6600K @ 3.50GHz

Samsung 970 EVO Plus 500GB M.2 SSD

8 Hardrives with a total capacity of 30 TB

The BeeHive

Fractal Case

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