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Everything about the technical adventures of the Bee Family

What we do

We are just two technical oriented bees, who have had many father & son projects that got out of hand. With this site, we’d like to share these projects and provide a helping hand with your adventures into the wild world of ICT.


We have two self-build servers up and running at al times. One is for testing purposes and the other is our main server on which all of our important projects run.


For every application we run on our servers, we use Docker in the back-end. This is a secure, fast and easy to use way to virtualize your projects.


Our servers run on Linux. To be exact on CentOS, a server oriented distro of Linux. With this we have a lightweight, secure and highly customizable OS to run under the hood.


We use WordPress to make this website. It is an easy-to-use website building tool, with a ton of plugins to make it suite your needs.

Who we are

Jaap Bij

Technical Architect VodafoneZiggo

Decided to stay in the military after I was drafted and found my way to telecoms through the organisation.
After 12 years moved to Libertel,who became Vodafone, outsourced to Ericsson, insourced to Vodafone again, and now Technical Architect at VodafoneZiggo.

Building a game PC together with my son, possibly ignited a spark that has brought him where he is now.  Soon after, we decided to build our own server, and since then run all sorts of stuff on it you can read about on this site.

Big fan of Apple, a bit of gaming and computers in general.

Sebastiaan Bij

HBO-ICT Student & Software Bee IT Owner

Building my own game pc was the first ICT project I did with my father. After that we started to shape the server where this website is running on and much more.

Probably one of the reasons that I am now  a HBO-ICT student, and inspired by my fellow students, a one-man company owner. I like to learn new things in the ICT-sector and I love to code new things.

It comes as no surprise that I am also a big fan of Apple, a bit of gaming and computers in general

Latest Blog Posts

Here you can find our latest post about our projects. Even our mistakes and solutions are logged here.


In or last two articles we announced the move from ubooquity to two other GUI’s to handle comics and books on our server. This article is about handling the books.[…]

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As mentioned in our last post, looking for a replacement for ubooquity as our comic book reader, we stumbled upon Komga, and we liked the way it looked. After some[…]

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LOG4j and other crap …

If you read about this, hear about it, and it becomes an item in the workplace, I admit, we got a little worried about our network. As big fans of[…]

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