The Hive to Bee

A Server Buzzing with Activity's . . .

We Like Apple

We are big Apple fans, and do most of our stuf on devices of this great brand.

Our device portfolio:

iPhone, iPad, Macbook, Mac Mini, Apple TV, Apple Watch, Apple Pencil

Our Server


GigaByte H110M-DS2-CF


20GB DDR4 2133MHz


Intel QuadCore i5-6600K @ 3.50GHz


120GB SSD for OS

2x 2TB + 1x 4TB for data

Internet Connection:


Our Cloud

Having our own server, we found some pretty nice things to do.

For starters, we created our own timemachine for backups of our Apple devices.

Of course this great site

A great free product like NextCloud, and much more . . .


We play around with creative solutions for all our needs!

We like to experiment with our server and at the same time provide a stable environment. This is a delicate balance, but we like it that way.


Important Bee’s

These Bee’s are the ones that make and keep the hive buzzing . . .


IT Enthausiast

Working for a mobile company, IT is part of the job. With a son that is also heavily interested in IT, this was an oportunity I could not resist as a father/son project.


IT Enthausiast

In my last year of the HAVO and planning to continue my studies at HBO ICT (Hogeschool Zuid). I enjoy working together with my dad on our very own server.


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