Truenas and the Rebuild

Unfortunately I cloud not get the same type of case for the NAS as I had for the servers, dus to the dimensions, so I have chosen the case as shown below.

The case can easily fit 8 disks, which is enough for what I want to do with it. To save money I re-used the disks that were already in the server, and organized them in the following way:
– 2x 3TB disk in raid1, to be used for data from Proxmox
– 2x 4TB disk in raid1, to be used for data storage and backups
– 2x 6TB disk in raid0, to be used for media

The Proxmox pool disks I want to replace with SSD’s in the future, to get more speed.

The setup was fairly easy to do, as was the rebuild, and now I can move the 3 remaining important services (rsync, Time Machine and samba server) to the NAS.

In the next posts I will tell more about the individual services in more detail.

This is the (for now) finished rack:

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