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Keep your recipes with Mealie

To keep track of recipes we use for cooking and grade them so we can either cook them again (or in worst case scenario never again), we started looking for a nice app to self host. And we found, we believe, a nice one in the name of Mealie. It is a nice clean interface,…
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Bitwarden Update

Updated mail settings, which comes in handy if you forgotten your password or making use of other functions. Happily using 1Password for a long time, we started to get annoyed by the business model, where you either have to pay for every new major release, or start paying a monthly fee. By chance I ran…
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NGINX Proxy Manager

It was brought to our attention that this nice solution was a good thing to try out. And of course we did, finding out that it is indeed a very welcome upgrade from the nginx/letsencrypt solution we were running since the beginning of our server. It has everything you basically need under the hood and…
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In or last two articles we announced the move from ubooquity to two other GUI’s to handle comics and books on our server. This article is about handling the books. As we already use Calibre, it was not such a big leap to Calibre-Web, as this is considered the GUI for Calibre. Just as with…
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As mentioned in our last post, looking for a replacement for ubooquity as our comic book reader, we stumbled upon Komga, and we liked the way it looked. After some dry running we even decided to hook it up with nginx, making it possible to make use of it more secure outside our network. This…
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Goodbye Ubooquity

As you know, we use ubooquity for reading comics and books, and are very happy with the way it works. But sometimes you get an irritating itch to change things. Ubooquity is simple, works as promised and served us for some time now, bet we were looking for a change of scenery, so we decided…
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Samba Server

Now you know we are big Apple fans, so it should come as no surprise that we have an Apple TV (actually several . . .) So it stands to reason that we need to make our media files available on the network. Now there are probably more ways to do this, but as the…
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rSync Server

As promised, the followup on the Synology versus our server solution. So we knew that the Synology liked to use rsync, so logically we searched for a docker to do just that, and found this one. It does the job, and the server is recognized by the Synology, and is happily making backups ever since.…
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Before there was this great server I build together with my son, I had a Synology to keep valuable data. And to make it even safer, I ran backups to the Synology of my long time best friend. Now I liked the packages that were on Synology, and for some time was playing with the…
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Another little gem in all its simplicity is Ubooquity. If you have books and comics, and you would like to be able to read them on-line, this is the best one we found. Hits: 1