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Maybe you noticed . . .

When you look at the nice codeblocks we have in our docker blogs, you must have noticed that we blanked certain information like username, password, domain, for obvious reasons. As explained in another post, the internet is not a safe place. Also we sometimes used the “.env” file for certain parameters. Another thing we played…
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Samba Server

Now you know we are big Apple fans, so it should come as no surprise that we have an Apple TV (actually several . . .) So it stands to reason that we need to make our media files available on the network. Now there are probably more ways to do this, but as the…
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rSync Server

As promised, the followup on the Synology versus our server solution. So we knew that the Synology liked to use rsync, so logically we searched for a docker to do just that, and found this one. It does the job, and the server is recognized by the Synology, and is happily making backups ever since.


Before there was this great server I build together with my son, I had a Synology to keep valuable data. And to make it even safer, I ran backups to the Synology of my long time best friend. Now I liked the packages that were on Synology, and for some time was playing with the…
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Another little gem in all its simplicity is Ubooquity. If you have books and comics, and you would like to be able to read them on-line, this is the best one we found.


We came across nextcloud in our search to have something to store files and/or share files, and it turned out to be so much more than that. And the beauty of it, is that it is totally free, as long as you do not use it commercially. It is packed with lots of features. Have…
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Did you ever feel annoyed about all the advertising you get? We did!But hey, if you have your own server anyway, why not use it a little more?First we cam across Pi-Hole, but somehow it did not click with us. Not that we think its bad, but you sometimes have that nagging feeling. So we…
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Our nice new logo

Today we have started to use our new logo. It was time for a little refresh . . .We used this site : Of course it is not protected in any way, since this is crazy expensive, or at least not worth it for our site. We got it from good authority that when…
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Chatting with RocketChat

You will never win from all the main-stream applications that are out there like WhatsApp, Signall etc, but how cool is it to be in full control of the data by hosting your own chat server.Below the YML as we used it. Remember to remove the marked mongo db section that is intended to create…
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Using Bitwarden as a Password Tool

Happily using 1Password for a long time, we started to get annoyed by the business model, where you either have to pay for every new major release, or start paying a monthly fee. By chance I ran into a link of someone who described his top 10 dockers (, and the first one was Bitwarden.…
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