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Bitwarden Update

Updated mail settings, which comes in handy if you forgotten your password or making use of other functions.

Happily using 1Password for a long time, we started to get annoyed by the business model, where you either have to pay for every new major release, or start paying a monthly fee. By chance I ran into a link of someone who described his top 10 dockers (, and the first one was Bitwarden. The idea of self hosting the passwords, and freely use it among the family was very appealing, so we are now running Bitwarden on our server. I am using it now in parallel with 1Password, and it looks very good. There are apps for a broad selection of operating systems and plugins for several browsers. So if it lives up to the promise, it is exit for 1Password . . .

Below the YML as we used it. Beware of the setting \”SIGNUPS_ALLOWED\”. You need to set it to false after you created the needed user accounts, otherwise the whole world can use your service . . .

version: '3.1'

		image: bitwardenrs/server:latest
		container_name: BitWarden
		restart: always
			– 80
			– 443
			VIRTUAL_HOST: {subdomain.your domain}
			LETSENCRYPT_HOST: {subdomain.your domain}
			LETSENCRYPT_EMAIL: {your email address}
			SIGNUPS_ALLOWED: 'false' # set to false to disable signups
            SMTP_HOST: {smtp}
      		SMTP_FROM: {email}
      		SMTP_PORT: 587
      		SMTP_SSL: "true"
      		SMTP_USERNAME: {email}
      		SMTP_PASSWORD: {password}
      		DOMAIN: {domain}
			– bitwarden:/data/
			– nginx-proxy

			name: vol_Bitwarden

			name: proxy_nginx

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