Month: February 2022

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Keep your recipes with Mealie

To keep track of recipes we use for cooking and grade them so we can either cook them again (or in worst case scenario never again), we started looking for a nice app to self host. And we found, we believe, a nice one in the name of Mealie. It is a nice clean interface,…
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Bitwarden Update

Updated mail settings, which comes in handy if you forgotten your password or making use of other functions. Happily using 1Password for a long time, we started to get annoyed by the business model, where you either have to pay for every new major release, or start paying a monthly fee. By chance I ran…
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Organize things better

When you maintain a site like this, you are bound to change the way you do things. And in our case we have not a consistent way of showing the docker-compose files, especially when you make use of .env files. So we are going to look into this to make it more clean and readable…
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