Goodbye Ubooquity

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Goodbye Ubooquity

As you know, we use ubooquity for reading comics and books, and are very happy with the way it works. But sometimes you get an irritating itch to change things. Ubooquity is simple, works as promised and served us for some time now, bet we were looking for a change of scenery, so we decided to go for Komga for the comics and Calibre-Web for the books. This last one was not such a big leap, as we have caliber running to maintain our books, so it seemed logic to try this first.

We were looking a bit for a similar look and feel in the GUI department, and both Calibre-Web and Komga deliver that. We still have ubooquity on our server, but it is deactivated.

Now we want to make absolutely clear that ubooquity is a very good GUI for reading books and comics, and still recommend people to give it a try, as it is so super simple. If the developer of ubooquity should read this, we urge this person to look around at other products that deliver similar functionality, and spice things up a little. Who knows, we could switch back . . .

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