Maybe you noticed . . .

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Maybe you noticed . . .

When you look at the nice codeblocks we have in our docker blogs, you must have noticed that we blanked certain information like username, password, domain, for obvious reasons. As explained in another post, the internet is not a safe place. Also we sometimes used the “.env” file for certain parameters.

Another thing we played around with is the networks. As you may know, having a docker with WordPress and a docker with the database, it is mandatory that they reside in the same network. And working with nginx that means that all the port 80/443 applications must be in the same network as nginx in order to work properly.

So that is why you see either different names or variables that relate to a .env file. Anyway, if you get stuck using our code blocks, do not hesitate to get in contact with us. Also if you think we could do something better, or got something wrong, please educate us.

We are only showing you the way we did things, and the hurdles we have encountered, so you can benefit from it, learn from it, and maybe in return educate us. After all, we have to stay curious and willing to learn and in return spread this knowledge to help others.

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