The day we were hacked

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The day we were hacked

And what a day it was, and how stupid can you be . . .

We were on holiday and wanted to see some of the stuff we had on our nice server. So we decided to open up a few ports to make this possible (big mistake), and then decided to leave them open (an even bigger mistake).

All was well for some time, but then we noticed that the connection became very slow, so much even that we could not watch anything normally anymore. Blaming the parcs internet, we left it for what it was.

So then we came home, and noticed that at home it was also very slow. This was not possible, as we have a good network (CAT6 Ubiquity stuff, the works . . .) Looking at our server we could see in top that there were al sorts of strangely named processes using up a lot of CPU time. Trying to kill them was not working, as new ones started to pop up immediately. WE WERE HACKED!!!

Not able to find ways to get rid of this, and probably never knowing if we got rid of everything, we decided to do a clean install, and NEVER open up ports anymore.

We find it very annoying that people are doing this. We tested, looking in the logs of our Dream Machine, and within 10 minutes of setting a site live, someone is poking at your ports, trying to get in.

So be sensible, the internet is a very bad neighborhood to be in when you are not protected!!

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