The Upgrade – The Details

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The Upgrade – The Details

Apart from the struggles described in the last post, which were interesting to say the least, there are also the pictures of what the server looks like and what makes it tick.

First the case. This is from Fractal. I used to be a cooler master fan, and they are still good case, don’t get me wrong, but the fractal is also very appealing. The one we use is the Fractal Node-804, and its awesome

Then as described, the motherboard, chosen both for the number of SATA ports as well as the price

And as a first for me, a M2 SSD, that is positioned on the motherboard. Not only is it blazing fast, and ideal for the OS, it also saves a SATA port 🙂

All in all, together with the memory, this server can hold its ground for a while . . .

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