The beginning . . .

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The beginning . . .

About a year ago, my son and I decided to build our own server. Having build a game pc before, we were confident we could pull this off also. My son is about to start his education in IT, so that was another compelling reason. In the following blogs we will describe the journey we are on together.

Another reason for this blog is that on our quest for answers on several subjects, we got frustrated by the fact that not all the answers are complete. Sometimes we feel essential stuf is missing making the answer not valuable to us. So in our blogs you can read how we solved things. No doubt that there are some solutions not as optimal as they could be, but they work for us. And if you feel the need to educate us, please do so, as we are happy to learn, but we expect a solid explanation πŸ™‚

So we wish you a lot of fun reading our stories, which are hopefully the spark you needed to start your own server. Because as far as we are concerned, this is pretty awesome.

Sebastiaan & Jaap

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