Server running Docker and now what . . .

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Server running Docker and now what . . .

So now you have a server with docker running and still a terminal screen. Where are the graphics? Well, you should absolutely start with this:

This is Portainer, an absolute must if you want to keep track of your Docker environment. It is a GUI en also a Docker Container. Here you can manage your docker environment, but we still advise you to make yourself familiar with the terminal commands of docker as well. This is their site :

Of course there are more programs like Portainer to manage your Docker environment, but this is our absolute favorite. The first link is also the link to the Docker hub, where you can find loads of fun stuff to play around with in you docker environment.

That’s it. Now you are able to do whatever you want, without polluting your precious server. In our next blogs we will tell you about successes and disappointments that have lead to the server we are now maintaining.

You could go ahead and read them, but we want to encourage you to start playing around first. Make your own mistakes and learn from them. Rebuild your server from scratch when needed, or when you learned something you cannot correct anymore. Trust us, it is not always fun, but you will gain valuable knowledge.

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