So I have a running Server, now what?

A Server Buzzing with Activity's

So I have a running Server, now what?

Ok, so now you have a server running, you can login, and are presented with a nice terminal screen. The question is, and we assume you thought about this, are you going to run a website, a game server, something else, or even all of it.

The big mistake we made was that we started to install al kinds of stuff to try out, and ended up with a highly polluted system. And not only once . . . When I was talking about this with a colleague at work, he told me that he also had a server, but was running Docker. Our advice: DO IT!!!

It is some extra work, but it is definitely worth the effort. With Docker you have created an environment where you can run al kinds of things in a virtual environment. And the beauty of it is that when you messed up, you can just throw it away, without harming or polluting your server.

So nothing can go wrong I hear you say? Well, no, but that is another story . . .

This is a good site to help you install and test Docker:

Het is even wat extra gedoe, maar daarna is het geweldig. Je draait feitelijk alles in virtual machines. En is daar wat mee mis, of het bevalt je niet, dan gooi je die gewoon weg, zonder dat je server daar last van heeft.

Kan er nu helemaal niks meer fout gaan?  Eehhhhh, nee, maar dat lees je in een later artikel.

Dit is een goede uitleg voor de installatie van Docker:

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